Flying Trapeze Workshop

You will enjoy learning the circus trapeze in this circus skills workshop! At your flying-trapeze workshop, your instructors will warm you up with specific stretches and take you to a 'ground' level practice bar. Your safety belt is fitted and you will learn, on the practice bar, the 'position' to be performed whilst swinging. You will be instructed how to 'take-off' on your first flight, with an instructor holding you at all times in your safety harness! The first trick learned is called a 'knee-hang'. Once you have mastered that in just a few swings you can also easily learn how to complete a 'back-flip' down to the net. After 4 or 5 practise swings you are briefed for your big finale, the 'Catch'! One of our catchers will take you by the wrists as you release yourself from the bar and, hey presto, you'll be swinging from the catcher as though you were in the circus! You will have 2 attempts at the catch at the end of your workshop, and for your efforts you and a friend will be rewarded with a certificate for the tricks you have mastered. This experience is 90 minutes in duration.Make a complete day out of your experience and take a walk in the pristine grounds by the lake, go to the beach, or take a swim in the swimming pool facilities and enjoy the Cafe, Restaurant and Bar.

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