From the Abyss (DS)

FREE AND FAST SHIPPING FROM MELBOURNE - INSTOCK NOW AT DUNGEON CRAWL - "Rubenhaut" is a small country, surrounded by nature, that has always been ruled by peace-loving queens. Its towns and villages overflow with energy and prosper like none before them. Some attribute this to the queens, while others point to the serenity of the region as the cause. However...This country has a dark secret... Long ago, the "Dimensional Abyss" was created, to seal away all the evil in the world. In order to manage that parallel dimension, the "Saint of Light" created a Magic Crystal". This crystal was called... The "Abyss Gate". The country of Rubenhaut was founded in order to monitor the "Abyss Gate". But as time passed...the seal was broken...and monsters began to pour through the Gate and attack Rubenhaut. The army, accustomed to peace, didn't know how to retaliate... Facing a grim fate, the queen made a decision: To stand up against the great forces of evil...! It is said that he who defeats the forces of evil shall have bestowed on him a priceless treasure. As the forces of evil grow in power, another adventurer arrives in Rubenhaut. The moment you turn on your DS and put in From the Abyss, your own world is created! Your world is different from everyone elses, so enjoy a quest exclusively your own! The labyrinth starts from the first cavern, closest to the ground. It continues downward, each abyss containing four levels. On the lowest level of each abyss, a threatening boss awaits your arrival! Each time you level, you gain status points to be distributed however you want. Use them to build a unique character all your own! By deciding what weapons to use (such as swords, spears, axes, and bows) or what skills to learn, (techniques, magic, abilities) you can further customize your character. Training your character to your liking is also an important strategy! As you progress through the labyrinth, dont panic when you encounter strong enemies. You can absorb their abilities in the middle of combat! Use Soul Capture to steal their skills! Use the stolen magic or techniques in different combinations with your weapons and items to turn the tide of the battle! You can steal many abilities with Soul Capture, so if you see a new enemy, remember to use it! 1. Different techniques utilizing your weapons characteristics (technique) 2. Fire, water, wind, earth, and healing (magic) [Magic] 3. Abilities stolen through Soul Capture (special abilities). Separated into these three types! Its entirely up to you to decide what spells you want to use! Assign different skills to different keys with your stylus! Of course, you can choose to heavily depend on skills and cut through your enemies, or you can take down enemies using only normal attacks. Defeat the root of all chaos, the Abyss Lord! You can connect with your friends wirelessly, working together to defeat the monsters! When you play together you can use even flashier skills, skills different from those born in your world. Work together to defeat the Abyss Lord, or...FEATURES:

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