Minjin Jungle Swing

Join us to experience the Minjin Jungle Swing! You can do this one solo or perhaps drag along one or two of your mates for the ride of your life! (Please note: price is per person). The price includes the $10 levy. Side-by-side, lying flat in a hanging harness, you will be attached to the swing via two karabinas. You will then be winched up to 45 metres high. From this height, you will be able to experience fantastic views of the Great Barrier Reef and even Yorkes Knob. You are in complete control of your own destiny as we provide you with a self-release mechanism. This allows you to pull a cord that will start the biggest swing of your life! You will swing in an arching pendulum until gravity stops you! This 45m swing is designed to give the ultimate ground rush feeling in a controlled environment. Feel yourself freefall briefly and then swing low to the ground before heading back up in a swing formation. One, two or three people can ride at a time. With your experience you will also receive a set of Minjin Swing photos!

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