Shimano Nasci 5000XG Spinning Reel Smooth Aluminium Black and Gold @ Club BCF

Shimano Nasci 5000XG Spinning Reel Smooth Aluminium Black...

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The Shimano Nasci Spin Reels are packed full of features to create the ultimate, high-tech spinning reel. They’ve been developed with Shimano's Hagane Gear technology, a cold-forged aluminium drive gear created to withstand continual use and provide unrivalled durability. The AR-C Spool delivers long casting distances while preventing backlashes and wind knots from forming. The Nasci features X-Ship technology, which stands for Extra, Smooth and High Power. With a double bearing supported pinion gear configuration as well as increasing the size of the gear, Shimano engineers have achieved smoother operation overall. The design includes G-Free bodies, lowering the reels centre of gravity, making it feel lighter within the hand and creating a compact line lay. Shimano have also included Coreprotect, a protective, water repellent coating placed in the roller clutch and line roller that stops water entering important areas. With all these features and more, you won't want to go without the Nasci Spin Reel by Shimano!
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