Coleman Adjustable Fyreknight Hyperflame LPG Stove Heavy Duty Silver @ Club BCF

Coleman Adjustable Fyreknight Hyperflame LPG Stove Heavy...

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Outdoor cooking doesn’t get any better than this! The Coleman FyreKnight HyperFlame LPG 2 Burner Camping Stove brings ultimate innovation to your campsite. It features 2 fully adjustable and independent burner controls to take your food from simmer to boil with ease. This is a powerful camping stove with a total output of 24,000 BTU’s. The removable windbreak pan protects your fire from the wind, and the aluminized cooktop makes it easy to clean. It fits two 30cm pots side by side, and includes a 3/8 hose fitting. With a heavy duty 3 piece pivoting handle, heavy duty locking latches and shock absorbing bumpers, it’s durable and easy to transport. So grab a gas bottle and the Coleman HyperFlame to cook up some perfect snags on the campsite!
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