Milkbar Large Nursing Pillow (Twin) Grey

Milkbar Large Nursing Pillow (Twin) Grey


Ideal from day one of your pregnancy - Milkbar® is the lifestyle pillow you will use again and again. Milkbar Large also suitable for Twin feeding.

When baby comes along, Milkbar® is your best friend when feeding. Its unique, award winning and RISA (Reflux Infant Support Association) endorsed nursing pillow design supports baby’s head at breast height, reducing back pain and shoulder strain while nursing. Baby's head is also positioned higher than their legs, as encouraged by RISA, so reflux symptoms are minimised.

Milkbar® is also available in a Large option, which wraps around the body, providing greater support around you, and has a stabilising adjustable strap to hold the pillow in place. Designed with the assistance of a lactation consultant, Milkbar® Large is not only perfect for feeding one baby, but is also highly recommended for an easier and more comfortable experience with feeding twins.

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