Tommee Tippee Grobag Snuggle 2.5 Tog Treasure Tree 3-9 Months

Tommee Tippee Grobag Snuggle 2.5 Tog Treasure Tree 3-9 Months


Just like when they were in mummy’s tummy, our swaddle products help young babies to feel cosy and secure to improve the quality of their natural sleep. Wrapping or swaddling baby with their arms inside super soft fabric helps mimic the closeness of the womb and suppresses the startle reflex which can wake babies up, meaning newborns (and mums and dads) enjoy more sleep.

This easy-to-use Snuggle sleep bag combines the comfort of swaddling with the ease-of-use of a baby sleep bag. Choose to swaddle your baby with arms in for total snugness or arms out as they grow by using the poppers on the sleeves – perfect for transitioning from a swaddle wrap to a baby sleep bag.

Safer sleep is better sleep – keeping your child at a safe temperature while sleeping is essential. Please refer to our room temperature guide to ensure you dress your baby in the correct clothing to suit your room temperature – see our packs for guidance.

Made from super soft bamboo-rich fabric that’s soft and gentle on baby’s skin, this Snuggle baby sleep bag is lined with ALOEKIND™, our unique cotton-blend infused with naturally soothing Aloe Vera, perfect for a comfortable night’s sleep.

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