S-26 Gold Alula Formula Delicate Eze 0-12months 850g

S-26 Gold Alula Formula Delicate Eze 0-12months 850g


S-26 GOLD DelicateEze is a premium, nutritionally complete, specialty infant formula for babies from birth with delicate tummies who may experience digestive discomfort from time to time. It is formulated to aid digestive malabsorption with an enriched level of sn-2 palmitate to help ease constipation (soften stools) and a reduced* level of lactose to help ease colic.

The protein source of S-26 GOLD DelicateEze infant formula is 100% whey partially hydrolysed (broken down), protein from cow’s milk. It continues to support your baby through the time when solids are being introduced at around 6 months, as a well-balanced diet is important.

*compared to our standard infant formulas.

As it is a specialty formula, consultation with a healthcare professional is recommended before use to ensure S-26 GOLD DelicateEze is suitable for your baby.

S-26 GOLD DelicateEze is not recommended for infants with cow's milk protein allergy or lactose intolerance.

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