Watersnake Slx 54/42 Electric Motor Efficient Stainless Steel

Watersnake Slx 54/42 Electric Motor Efficient Stainless...

The Watersnake SLX 54/42 Electric Motor is an efficient, low-maintenance way to power your boat. This 42-inch motor gives you the ultimate range of options and flexibility in the water, with 5 forward and 3 reverse positions. The 54-pound thrust makes for a powerful motor, which is especially suitable for freshwater fishing and trolling. The mount makes it easy to attach this Watersnake trolling motor to the transom of your boat, so you can save on countless hours of set-up. The digital power voltage meter gives you a better indication as to how your motor is operating, so you can stay in complete control. The weedless propeller will have you moving along the water efficiently, and a bonus spare propeller is installed so a replacement is readily available when the need arises. Don’t worry about wear and tear, either. It’s highly durable, thanks to the tough composite construction main shafts. This durability is enhanced by the strong alloy transom brackets finished with anti-corrosive coatings, and the marine grade stainless steel propeller shaft. The Watersnake SLX 54/42 is an electric motor you can rely on with no hassle or fuss.
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