What's Lasoo all about?

Lasoo is a Pre-Shop™ search engine featuring catalogues with offers from your local area retailers.
Save time using Lasoo to find inspiration, the latest deals and to search for items you plan on purchasing.

Can I shop online at Lasoo?

Lasoo is not an online store. It's a research tool before you shop - a 'Pre-Shop™ search engine'.
Lasoo does support online purchasing for those retailers who offer this facility - a "buy now" link will direct you to the retailer's shopping site.,

Why should I join as a member?

Membership to Lasoo is free. Register to use handy functions such as alerts and wishlists.
Logging in as a member also gives you instant access to your favourite retailers and shopping centres.

After you join, all this can be accessed from the Your Shopping Tools section of the main page.

Can Lasoo remember my favourite stores or shopping centres?

Yes. When you join as a member, Lasoo will remember your favourite retailers and locations every time you log in so you can find what you're looking for quickly and easily.

What is an alert?

If you're looking for something in particular - such as when a specific product drops in price or when a retailer releases a new catalogue - you can have an alert emailed to you as soon as this happens.

You can create alerts for products, categories and catalogues by logging in, clicking on Profile then clicking on Alerts.

How do I find an offer I've looked at before again?

Lasoo remembers your last ten searches, so when you next visit Lasoo, you can click on the links under Recent Searches to reaccess the results.

What is a wishlist?

If you come across something that takes your fancy on Lasoo, you can save it for future reference by adding it to a wishlist.

Members can have more than one wishlist. For example, you could compile a list of possible gifts you could buy for an upcoming birthday, graduation or anniversary. You can log on at any time to create, view, change or delete your wishlists in the Profile section.

What is the Your Location function for?

Lasoo can be localised by entering either your suburb or postcode in the Location box. You can also specify your preferred shopping centres.

  • You can then view what deals are available locally by going to Catalogues In Your Area at the bottom of the main page.
  • If you're looking for a specific product, it will show which local stores have current offers on it.
  • Members can set up to four different locations or shopping centres for a search while non-members can only set up to two.

Why should I subscribe to the newsletter

Lasoo's weekly newsletter is the only way to have the latest bargains, special offers and shopping tips delivered straight to your email inbox.

What is an RSS feed

If you subscribe to many newsletters or blogs, you can use Rich Site Summary (RSS) to view them all in the one place without having to check each site individually. You can do this by using a program known as a feed reader, such as Google Reader.

When you click on the RSS link for Lasoo's newsletter and blog, it will display a page formatted for the reader. Cut and paste the website address into the reader to add it to your list of favourite feeds.

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