USB/Flash Drives Information for Australia

Take important files with you on the move and make sure your data is always backed up with secure USB and flash drives from reputable brands. Get the best prices on data storage devices by comparing the latest offers from Australia's top electronics retailers, including DCA Computers and Savvy Appliances.

Flash drives are one of the most affordable and convenient means of data storage available, offering higher storage capacities than CDs or DVDs and being easier to carry around than portable hard drives. These resilient devices are ideal for long-term storage of data without having to worry about degradation or physical damage, and they can also be used to transfer documents, images, music and other files between computers with ease, formatting and re-using the drive as many times as you need.

Whether you only need a modest 4GB or 8GB for transferring files or 64GB and higher for long term storage, flash drives are available in a range of capacities to suit every need. You can also find drives in a wide variety of designs to suit every taste, from slimline styles that match your computer to novelty products shaped like characters and vehicles that make ideal gifts.

If you will be carrying your USB drive with you everywhere you go, look for models incorporating a keychain so you'll never have trouble finding it, and you should also compare data transfer speeds if you will be transferring files frequently. Find more great deals on thedata storage essentials by searching our online catalogue, includingportable hard drives and blank media.

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