Mattress Pads & Underlays Information for Australia

Extend the life of your mattress and enjoy the most comfortable night's sleep possible with protective pads and underlays made from cotton, down, latex and other quality materials. Get the best prices on mattress covers by comparing prices from Australia's leading bedroom retailers online, including Myer and Snooze.

Toppers and underlays do more than just protect your mattress from wear and tear. Depending on the material you choose, your covers could also prevent allergens, make your bed feel softer and help you to stay a comfortable temperature all night long for a sounder sleep. Choose cotton products with a high fill count for a softer surface or latex pads to keep your mattress firm and supportive. Down and memory foam adjust to the sleeper's contours and improve airflow, while natural materials such as cotton and wool are the best options for temperature control.

If you or someone in your household suffers from allergies, look for pads with anti-allergen properties and bedbug barriers to keep bedrooms free from contaminants. The right underlays can transform an old or uncomfortable mattress – even extend its life by several years – and some are also waterproof, keeping your mattress protected from spills and preventing stains.

Some mattress sets come with covers included, but these normally need to be purchased separately. When you have chosen your preferred pads and underlays in the right size for your bed, check out our latest offers on otherManchester and bedding to make a saving onnew sheets and electric blankets.

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