Home Decor Information for Australia

Add a personal touch to your rooms with stylish decor that reflects your personality and matches your furnishings. Search our online catalogue to find the best deals on art, potted plants, scented candles and ornaments from Australia's biggest local retailers, including Zanui, Innovations and LivingStyles.

Well-chosen home decor instantly transforms lounge rooms, kitchens and other areas into welcoming living spaces where members of the household and visitors will feel more at home. Hang canvas and linen prints of exotic vistas or your favourite artworks to show off your tastes and establish a colour scheme in your rooms, or display your own family photos and travel snaps in quality picture frames.

You can enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy at home with scented candles and diffusers from Airwick and other leading brands, and bring nature indoors with ferns and artificial plants in decorative vases. If you are looking for ways to make use of empty spaces on shelves and other surfaces, see our deals on hand-crafted figurines and ornament sets to find options that match your interests and give your rooms more character.

Decor isn't only for decoration, and you can combine function and aesthetics with elegant mirrors and contemporary or vintage clocks to suit traditional and modern homes alike. See our offers on desk lamps to suit rustic wooden lamp tables and full-size floor lamps so you can enjoy their soothing glow every evening, or get creative with our range of arts and crafts supplies to make your own home decor.

To read Home Decor reviews check out the Lasoo blogs for daily professional and consumer Australian product reviews.

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