Doll Houses Information for Australia

Doll houses are enduringly popular toys that continue to inspire children's imaginations today just as they did 100 years ago, though these modern versions are considerably more advanced. If you're looking for the perfect birthday or Christmas gift for a creative child, compare features and prices of state-of-the-art toy homes from Australia's biggest retailers online, including Toys R Us, Myer and BIG W.

Many parents who owned doll houses as kids are surprised at how far the simple toy has come, with many of the latest models featuring lights and sounds that mimic the real functions of a house, from doorbell chimes to ringing phones and running water effects. These toys still encourage imagination however, as well as being a fun social activity for friends and sisters.

Your choices aren't limited to traditional houses either, with a wide variety of playsets available to suit every child's taste and to match your budget. If they love the cuddly creatures of Sylvanian Families, they can play with their toys in a full-size house with five rooms or the more affordable Cosy Cottage Starter Home complete with furniture and accessories. Barbie fans will be thrilled by the ultimate gift of the Barbie Dream House, while those following the adventures of Disney's Sofia the First can be treated to their own Royal Castle that comes with a miniature Sofia doll.

Unlike most other toys, doll houses can continue to offer new experiences over time by adding home-made and official accessories. Save more on the latesttoys and games with our offers onbest-selling dolls,toy furniture and other pretend play favourites.

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