Dining Chairs Information for Australia

Good quality dining chairs need to be comfortable and supportive as well as a good match to your home's style. Whether you are buying individual chairs or complete furniture sets, save money on your home improvements by comparing prices from Australia's leading furniture retailers in our online catalogue.

Dining chairs are available in a range of styles to suit modern and traditional rooms, from elegant wooden furniture for formal settings to upholstered and open-backed seats for a more casual space. The material your furniture is made from will have a major impact on its appearance as well as its longevity, whether you prefer a classic wood finish, the rustic look of wicker or long-lasting metal chairs that are easy to maintain. You can also choose between seats with arms for greater support or the more spacious look of armless chairs.

If you already have a dining table, look for chairs in matching colours, materials and sizes for a unified finish or go for the bold contrast of a wooden table with metal seats. It's essential to make sure you have enough seating for everyone in your household as well as visitors, but if you want more flexibility from your dining room furniture you could consider replacing side seats with wooden benches.

If you're upgrading all your furniture or moving into your first home, see our otherfurniture offers to findmatching tables,china cabinets and complete dining sets made in Australia. If you have young children, we also have great value deals on kids' furniture in a range of styles, so it's easy to find the perfect match.

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