Desktop Computers Information for Australia

Upgrade your desktop computer to the latest model from Apple, HP, Toshiba and other leading companies without paying high street prices. Search our catalogue to compare deals on all-in-one computers with HD monitors from online and local retailers Australia wide, including DCA Computers, Lenovo Australia and Mwave.

Find the best offers on slimline Apple iMacs with fourth generation Intel quad-core processors, touchscreen PCs from Asus and MSI, and Toshiba desktops with 1TB of hard drive space and 8GB of RAM offering all the processing power you'll need for multi-tasking and online gaming. If you want to get even more power out of your machine, we also have deals on performance upgrades from ASRock and AMD.

All-in-one desktop computers come ready to use with the latest operating systems and software already installed and a full range of accessories, including HD widescreen monitors, high quality speakers, webcams and an ergonomic keyboard and mouse. For a more personalised computing experience, choose touchscreen displays with intuitive tiled layouts, or 3D displays with glasses included for immersive gaming and Blu-ray viewing.

It's easy to find the right system to suit your room and your personality, with computers and displays available in sleek silver, plain black and white and a full spectrum of colours that can be coordinated with your smartphone, tablet and other devices. If you plan to wall-mount your display, look for computer packages with mounting equipment and screws included, or buy mounts, stands and other components separately by browsing our computer hardware category.

To read Desktop Computers reviews check out the Lasoo blogs for daily professional and consumer Australian product reviews.

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