4WD Tyres & Wheels Information for Australia

Australia offers some of the world's finest 4WD experiences, and when heading off-road is a national pastime, you need to be sure that your wheels and tyres are up to the task. Find the best deals on 16 to 20-inch SSW wheels, CSA alloys and all-terrain tyres from Bridgestone, Goodyear and other leading brands by comparing prices from the country's biggest retailers online.

4WD tyres and wheels are designed to be much more resilient than those produced for standard passenger cars, but there isn't one size to fit all. Your new tyres should be chosen based on the type of driving you are likely to do and the surfaces you will be driving on, as off-road tyres that glide through mud and sand with ease are less well-suited to bitumen roads and highways, offering less grip on the road and producing excessive noise.

Fortunately, tyres are handily categorised according to the terrain they are best suited to, so you can look for Highway Terrain (H/T) products if you will mainly be driving in the city or Mud Terrain (M/T) for serious off-road enthusiasts, with All-Terrain (A/T) tyres offering a comfortable middle ground. When it comes to wheels, check that your new rims are designed to be compatible with the 4x4 or ute model you drive and choose between a stylish chrome or black machined finish.

Check out our range of automotive accessories to boost the capabilities of your 4WD further, and upgrade your other cars with performance tyres and wheels to enhance the driving experience.

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